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On Site Rules

To ensure everyone’s safety and full enjoyment of the facility the following rules must be followed...
  • A waiver form MUST be signed with each admission.

  • Admission is for 90 minutes. You are subjected to be charged if you stay overtime.

  • SOCKS are required to be worn by all guests in all carpeted areas of the facility.

  • BARE FEET are prohibited in any and all areas of Beehive.

  • Beehive is an adult supervised (aged 18 or older) facility. Adults must supervise their children at all times. Adults are NOT allowed to leave their children unattended in our facility. You play at your own risk.

  • Only adults accompanying children will be admitted.

  • Height and age restrictions are enforced for the safety of all children

  • Do not stand at the bottom of the slides.

  • Participate responsibly; you and your kid(s) should be in good health to play safely. You know you and your kid(s)  physical conditions and limitations. If you suspect that you or your kid(s) health could be at risk for any reason, or your kid(s)  could aggravate a pre-existing condition of any kind by usage of Playground Equipment please refrain from playing.

  • Sharp objects and small items like coins, pens or jewelry are NOT allowed in our attractions. Please remove all loose articles before using the attractions.

  • NO ADULTS ARE ALLOWED INSIDE OUR ATTRACTIONS (Playground, Moon bounces, and/or bumper cars). UNLESS assisting small children. 

  • Children must obey the Indoor Park Rules. Our staff will be present to make sure everyone has a pleasant time by offering polite reminders as necessary.

  • OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS ARE PROHIBITED (except baby food, milk, formula). Beehive is a nut-free facility.

  • All foods and drinks must stay in the designated eating area. No food or drinks allowed in the play area.

  • Please report any accidents/incidents and/or mess to a nearby Staff Member

  • No toys from home. With the exception of Infants **(1- 12 month)**

  • No rough play allowed. If observed please report it immediately to staff.

  • Beehive is NOT responsible for any  injuries, lost or damage items, and theft of personal belongings.

  • Each attraction has specific rules. Please obey those rules. Which are posted for you at each attraction

  • WALK-IN BIRTHDAY PARTIES ARE PROHIBITED IN OUR PARK. No celebrations, presents, B-day cakes or Cupcakes allowed in the restaurant area or park facility.

  • If anyone is harassing or bullying your child and/or you, or violating the Beehive rules, please notify the staff immediately.

  • Beehive Reserves the Right to Refuse Use of the Playground Equipment at Any Time. You Must Abide by our Playground Rules or you will be asked to Leave

**These rules and regulations are subject to change at any time without notice. Our Beehive management is trained with our most up-to- date rules and regulations.**

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