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STEAM  Workshops

"Science,Technology,Engineering,& Math Thru Art"

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Each workshop is specifically designed to tap into a different area of STEAM, through creative and immersive projects. Not only will your child have fun, but they will also be learning beneficial tools and techniques to help them at school and in every other aspect of their life.

Workshop Information:

  • Each workshop costs $30 a person. Sibling discount- $20.

  • If you sign up for more than one workshop you will receive a 10% discount on the overall price.

  • Each workshop is 2 hours from 5pm-7pm.

  • Each workshop includes a finished project to take home, all supplies needed, and a light snack.

  • Each workshop is created for a specific age group, so be sure to check the age requirements for each one. Most workshops will work for children ages 5 on up.

  • Workshops run every month, Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays. Check out the calendar for names of projects that will be done for each workshop. Each week will be different from the next.

  • All workshops are taught by a professional teacher who specializes in Animation, Fine Art, and Game Design.


‘Create Your Own Animation Flipbook’- Ages 6- 13yrs.

Website links with videos that show what a Flipbook is:

Have you ever watched an animated film like the classis Disney ones and wondered how they created it? Those classic films and other 2d animated films were mostly hand drawn, with artists drawing out an image one picture at a time. When the images were put together and then played back it would look like the pictures came to life and moved on their own. This is called Animation. Though in order to get to that stage, you need to learn the basic fundamentals. Taking this workshop your kids will learn those basic fundamentals needed to create an animated film.

In this workshop kids will be creating their very own flipbook animation. A flipbook animation is a small book of papers/cards with a series of pictures on them that change slightly from one card to the next. When you hold onto your book and flip through the cards you see your pictures come to life and move right before your eyes. Kids will be directed on how to create these by a professional animator.

These are simple and so much fun to make. You can make them as simple or advanced as you want, making it fun for all ages. These are also portable, you can take them anywhere and enjoy them again and again. Each kid will take home their flipbook.

'Hand Drawn Optical-Illusion Art'- Ages 6-13yrs.

Do you like optical illusions, pictures that mess with your eyes?

Optical Illusions are images that play tricks to our eyes and mess with our perceptions.  What is flat appears to be 3d or start to move and can mislead us to see something that is not there. This effect can be very cool to see and make you wonder just how is it done.

In this workshop kids will learn the art of optical illusions through turning their hand and found objects into a 3d illustration. They will be amazed when they see their drawing pop out at them. They will be able to surprise their family and friends with this cool art project.

'Level Design- Create Your Own Playable Video Game with Adventure Time Characters'

Do your kids love to play video games? Have they ever thought about making their own? Well now they can. Kids will work together to create a playable game from concept to finish using paper, pencil, and an ipad. This will be done through directed instruction from a professional game design teacher.

Kids will learn how to create a playable platform game, similar to classic Super Mario games. They will design, play, and test their own game creation using an innovative ipad app called 'Game Wizard' and design worksheets.  Game Wizard has teamed up with Cartoon Network to allow users access to characters and design elements from the hit kids show, Adventure Time.  Kids will love to see these characters come to life in their own game creation.

Each participant will go home with the game they created. They can then access their game on their home ipad, while being able to edit it and test it out with their friends. All games created will be loaded onto an online arcade created specifically for this app, allowing kids all over the world to play their game.  

Check out this website for more information on the app that will be used for this workshop-

'Stop Motion Animation with Cut Out Paper'

Website links with videos that show what a stop motion animation with paper can look like:

If you love watching animated films and seeing your ideas come to life you will love this workshop. This workshop will show another area of animation that will be done with cut out paper shapes and designs.

In this workshop kids will work together in small groups to create a short animated film of their choosing and design. Kids will learn how to move and manipulate shapes/designs while telling a story. The whole process is very hands on and teaches essential skills in storytelling, spatial reasoning, layout, design, and movement. Kids will have tons of fun seeing their ideas come to life before them.

Each kid will go home with their short film.

'Collage Masterpiece from Famous Works of Art'

This workshop will teach kids how to do the art of the collage, which is the process of placing cut paper and other small objects together into a composition. Kids will transform a famous work of art into a beautiful collage, learning a bit of art history in the process.

This art project is allot of fun and kids will be amazed by their creations.

‘Level Design- Create Your Own Playable Video Game with Bloxels’

This workshop is another chance for kids to design their own video game. Though this workshop will be using one of the most innovative tools for game design. We will be using Bloxels.

Bloxels is an innovative video game development platform that allows you to create your own video games. With easy-to-use physical and digital tools, the imaginative gaming worlds of young gamers come to life in a cool retro arcade style. You decide what the game looks like and configure how it is played. You tell the story of the characters and design their looks. You create the obstacles and the power-ups. And then not only can you play, but you can share your game with fellow gamers for both game play and content remixing.

Learn how to create a playable game through an innovative new technology and toy. Bloxels is a revolutionary game design tool used to teach young children how to create games.

All the tools needed to create the game are provided including the Bloxels blocks. Each participant will go home with the game they created. They can then access their game on their home ipad, while being able to edit it and test it out with their friends. All games created will be loaded onto an online arcade created specifically for this app, allowing kids all over the world to play their game. 

Try it out here first!

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