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LEGO Stop Motion


Workshop Dates:

August 15th > 19th.  August 22nd > 26th.

Monday through Friday Everyday

From 3pm to 5pm

Times: (Pick the time session you want to attend. Whichever one you pick, it will stay like that for the whole workshop.)

1pm. – 5pm. (Afternoon to evening session)

Cost: $130.00 Per Child for the whole workshop.

Price includes- 3 day workshop, all supplies, snacks every day, and final day show and certificate.

Suzan Manis holds a BFA in Animation at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA. She also holds a Masters in Animation at Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah GA. Now she specializes in creating 3D renderings and animations that range from realistic to stylized, guiding the work from concept to final product. She is always experimenting with different mediums and techniques which makes her work unique and innovative. All her work is meant to bring out the small details in the world around us. She’s very excited to teach young minds how to develop and craft a short animated film.  

This workshop is an introduction to the art of Stop Motion Animation using Legos. No experience necessary. Animation brings storytelling skills to the big screen. Kids will engage with stop-motion, timing, lighting, and even digital animation to make their own movie. Kids will use creative writing skills to build their storyboard and then work with friends to put audio to video.

It is a hands on and sensory experience. Kids will love to watch their creations come to life before their eyes. Kids become a director, creator, artist, and a teacher, of their creations. They will do things they never thought possible and will leave having one of the most memorable experiences ever.

The fun doesn't stop here with us, but it goes on at home. With kids learning how to use the right tools and how to create stop motion animations, they can then do them with their whole family tightening the bond between parent and child.

Workshop will be taught by professional animator and artist, Suzan Manis. She has over 6 years teaching experience working with kids of all ages. She offers quick hands-on creativity.

Workshop Schedule:

Day 1-Pre-Production day- Introduction to Animation and shooting. Concept and Story Development. Building sets.

Day 2- Production day- Shooting Animation Film.

Day 3- Presentation day- Effects and Clean Up.  Screening of final films for family and friends. *family and friends are invited to come half an hour before the end of the workshop for a screening of all work produced. (All student films will be posted on the Beehive YouTube channel.)

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